The Border Princes

The lands in the eastern portion of the continent that has not been claimed by own of the great nation make up the Border Princes. This is a lawless land were one can claim as much land and power as you can hold on to. This land is home to outcasts, roving bands of orcs, forests full of monsters but there are many standing settlements that have lasted against the tide of monster that continuously plague the area.

Town of Daggerfall
A small fortified town sitting on top a hill that dominates the surrounding plains. The town is run by a consul of merchants that lord over the surrounding farmland.

Village of Sanctuary
A small village in the northern steppes of the Border Princes. The village was constructed in less than a year and protected from the marauders and savages by a ring of magical standing stones. This protection came from a mysterious being, known only as The Angel, who demanded mortal sacrifices in exchange for this protection.

The Stronghold
A mysterious castle half fallen into the Chasm. This fortress was built in the early days of the Tellision Republic, but it has been in a ruined state for for several millenia.

Kingdom of Neaserhan
There have been countless young nobles, adventurers and warlords who have sought to tame the wild lands of the Boarder Princes and carve a kingdom to rival the likes of the Griffin Impirium, Jade Empire and even Karak Ankor. However none have succeeded. The most resent attempt came from Rawlin of House Neenda. Rawlin grew upon on the Southern Princes along the boarder of Calen Taure. He became a great Lancer, a skilled mounted warriors that held themselves to a code of honor similar in some respects to the Jade Empire’s Bushido code. Rawlin dreamed of uniting the squabbling houses of the South and wished to follow in the footsteps of Emperor Karl Sigran. So through charisma and renown strategic brilliance he rallied many houses to his banner founded the Kingdom of Neaserhan. It’s capital of Klifeigh quickly grew around King Rawlin’s fortress manor that sat on the side of Solamontem, the only mountain in all of the Southern Princes. All seem to be on track for Rawlin to do the achieve his dream. However in the winter of 4993 ARF Rawlin was betrayed by Nicholaus of House Lawrich. Nicholaus killed Rawlin and wife Queen Avina. Nicholaus proclaimed himself king and began a harsh reign of obsession. Over the years King Nicholaus became more and more paranoid. He closed off the kingdom to all outsides, he increases the number of his personal guard, and tesions with Calen Taure and even his own nobles grew. Rumor spread through the kingdom the Rawlin’s infant daughter, Princess Lucinia survived the coup and that one day she will retake her father’s throne.

The Border Princes

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