Sin Wars


4th Birth of Summer 5013ARF

After a long trek through the disease and predator filled jungle, The Vanguard, with Gabriel, Sara, and Glyd in tow, finally find the city of Hexoatl. Glyd began shouting a jumping for joy which caused Toriel to hastily quiet Glyd by throwing the gnome in to his backpack. As it turned out however there was no need for stealth because as the group entered to city the lizardmen, whom the Vanguard thought would fight them tooth and nail to keep out of the city, simply kept their distance. As the Vanguard moved down the main road of the city they came before the largest of the golden pyramids. At the base of the pyramid lay a large mosaic of a human girl with dual colored eyes.

The group is herded by the silent lizardmen up the steps of the pyramid and are then ushered inside. None of the lizardmen follow them in save for one that seemed to act very friendly towards them. It is later discovered that this lizardman was Rhiner playing one of his pranks. Inside the pyramid the party find a large room with a magical Orrery of Tellus and the other planes in the center. The walls of this chamber are covered in a mural depicted what Gabriel speculated was the history of the lizardmen. Gabriel, Glyd, and Sara began the study the mural pulling book after book after book out of their packs, sketching the artwork and translating the text.

During this time the rest of the Vanguard were startled by a old man who had appeared in the doorway behind them. The old man summon two terrifying monsters and proclaimed that the Vanguard were trespassing and that they should leave. Toriel chose to throw a pot at the old man before anyone could truly process what was going on. The old man and his monstrous servants then attacked in anger but before any blows could be struck the old man and the monsters vanished.

A few moments of silents passed while the Vanguard were on edge from that last encounter. Then came a cry from Sara and Gabriel and Glyd rushed over to her. They each read the passage that Sara was working on. Then the two of them began to talk very fast in an ancient language. Gabriel explained that they needed to get back to the main land immediately but refused to explain further and just keep chattering with Glyd as they packed up their bags and made for the exit.

As the Vanguard reach the exit of the pyramid the sounds of combat could be heard and the foul smell of brimstone filled the air. Outside the city was burning as the lizardmen desperately held an army of demons at bay. However the lizardmen were losing ground quickly. Both of Tallia’s eyes began to glowed brightly as she started to convulse of the ground. Two beard devils attacked the Vanguard. Once they were dispatched a lizardmen shaman gave three pterodactyl equipped with saddles to the Vanguard and gestured for them all to escape.
As the Vanguard left the agonizing screams of the lizardmen were carried on the wind and could be heard as far as The Port of No Return

Once they were back at the Port Gabriel explained their findings. They had found evidence that the Age of Strife was approaching. Gyld said that he was going to go back the Hexoatl in a week or so to further study the mural and see if he could find out how such a large host of demons was able to emerge. With that the Vanguard bid the Distant Shores farewell and sailed back to Lucentum.



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