The Vanguard

The Winter Court travels to the far corners of Tellus and runs into more threats than the other three Courts combined. As such everyone in the Winter Court is either a veteran warrior, or skilled adventurer. Within the court a small group, named The Vanguard, has formed that scouts ahead of the Court to clear the path and deal with any hostile elements in the Court’s way.

The Current members of The Vanguard
Cassi Winterlands – Returned to rule her kingdom after the Summit of Sigrun 6th birth of Autumn 5013ARF

Girard AscalianDIED 5th Rise of Summer 5013ARF

Riva Thenriel

Rhiner Fennys

Toriel Karganok – Ascended to Demigod as Consort of Namaka 15th Rise of Summer 5013ARF


Vedicar Bladespeaker the Fate Twister – Left to rule the Yukionna Clan 15th Death of Summer 5013ARF

Takahara Itsuki

Consul Lucius Julianius Journeyman of the Arcane Citadel, Dragonfang of the Order of the Dragon

Raziel Deadwood

Ilred Torgoson of clan Mithrilforge Journeyman Engineer and Ironbreaker of Barak Varr, Wielder of Worldwake, Master of Propulsion, Keeper of Silence

The Vanguard

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