The Gypsies

Though many people in Tellus are untrusting of strangers they do still understand that trade with other people is necessary to maintain a healthy economy and to receive news of events going on around them. 4000 years ago 4 groups of traveling nomads began to make trips around to all the lands of Tellus. Though these nomads struggled for years to gain the trust of the different lands they visited, today these nomads are a welcome sight for every settlement large and small.

These 4 wagon trains have taken on the names of the ,Spring Court, Summer Court, Autumn Court, and Winter Court. Each of these Courts is lead by a baron who is the head of a counsel of elders. This counsel decides were the Court will travel next and handle internal problems. The baron is a title passed down from parent to child where the elders are an assemble of those who have spent the most time in the caravan. The Courts are willing to let anyone travel with them but it takes time before anyone is considered a true member of the Court. However once you are considered a member of the Court then you are given a long coat with the emblem of the Court on the back. Anyone wearing such a coat should expect at least a small degree of tolerance from the locals of an area.

Spring Court
The Spring Court focuses on trade goods and contains the most collectors and merchants. This court tries to sty in the most well traveled and well guarded roads.

Summer Court
The largest of the four courts the Summer Court specializes in festivals and entertainment. This Court stays almost exclusively on the roads of The Tellesion Highway.

Autumn Court
The Autumn Court trades mainly in harvest and other produce and Like the Spring Court tends to stick to the more well protected roads.

Winter Court
The smallest of all the Courts is the Winter Court consisting of a mere 20 wagons. They are also the only Court will to travel to some of the most dangerous and unkempt roads. Since this Court goes to some very hostile many members of the court are skilled combatants and adventurers. A small group of the Court formed The Vanguard to scout ahead and clear the way for the Court.
Their current baron is Baron Waren Gunther.
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The Gypsies

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