The Arcana Citidel

The Arcana Citidel is made of 8 towers stand atop 8 mountain peaks each connected to each other by a series of bridges and stairs with smaller structures nestled in to the sides of the mountains. The Citidel was built during the Tellision Republic to be the center of all learning in the Republic. During this time the Citidel was alive with people from all walks of live studying science, arcana, and philosophy. After the Republic fell the Citidel was continuously attack by various warlords, who sought to us it’s knowledge to destroy their enemies, the masters of the Citidel would not see the knowledge they had gathered fall into the hands of those they felt were unworthy. The masters used enormous arcana power to fend off their attacks but tales of the horrors the enemy warriors faced spread throughout the land causing the common people grow to fear magic. So for 5 thousand years the Citidel stood even as the rest of the Republic crumbled in to ruin. Today the Citidel’s choice of studies focus is exclusively on the arcana as that was the area of study that has preserved the Citidel through the age of war and the 8 schools of the arcana now each claim their own tower. The schools of the sciences and of philosophy have now be relegated to the minor complexes in the mountains.

With the fear of arcana magic that is present all over Tellus, mages seek a safe place to study their art. The Citidel provides this sanctuary but unlike in the days of the Tellision Republic, where the Citidel was open to all, now there is a rigorous entry progress that many would be wizards and sorcerers fail.
To calm the common people, and to help monopolize magic, the Citidel, with the help of the Ordo Magus, has created a set of magically imbued medallions so that the common people know that the wizard who wears it is trustworthy with their magic. The medallions project a illusion of the owners name, their chosen school of study, and the master that elevated them to their current rank. Those who practice magic without a medallion are considered criminals and are hunted by the Ordo Magus and local governments alike.

Those who study at the Citidel are given a rank, which is shown by the type of metal their medallion is made of. Novices are those who just entered the Citidel and had copper medallions. Those who pass their first level of tests become apprentices and carry silver medallions. after a second set of tests a wizard becomes a journeyman with a gold medallion. Masters gain a platinum medallion after passing a third set of tests. Mages have mithrial medallions and the archmage of a school holds a adamantine medallion. There is only one archmage for each of the 8 schools of magic, these archmages have complete authority over their school. A wizard can stay with their school for as long as they want but once they choose to leave for a non-school related reason they are not allowed back in, though you do get to keep their medallion.

Archmages of 5013ARF
Omnid Tocora Archmage of Enchantment
Vorikar Traga Archmage of Divination
--(Killed on 10th Fall of Summer 5013ARF)
--Replaced by Wilhuff Tarkin on 12th Fall of Summer 5013ARF
Angrom Mermadex Archmage of Evocation
Flagra Octaviem Archmage of Illusion
Ulatrix Sultra Archmage Necromancy
Argenti Nuvius Archmage of Conjuration
--(removed from office after accusastions of murder 12th Fall of Summer 5013ARF)
--Replaced by Lerroy Jenkans 12th Fall of Summer 5013ARF
Belisarius Cawl Archmage of Transmutation
Mansipul Proxis Archmage of Abjuration
Lenkkem Zaver Von Mavath Master of Alchemy

The Arcana Citidel

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