Raider's Archipelago

After the Tellision Republic the Raider’s Archipelago lost its major source of income that being its trade, because of this the Archipelago quickly fell to piracy in order to maintain supplies raiding coastal settlements across the continent. Even after many of the nations stabilize the Archipelago stay a den of pirates and thieves. Today honest trade also passes through the Archipelago though and captain that wishes to do so should expect to pay a protection fee to one of the more powerful pirates.

People of all races and all walks of life call the archipelago home.

The vast number of islands that make up the Archipelago are individual ruled by which ever captain is popular enough or powerful enough to hold it. Each island differs is size, wealth, and culture. Making chronicling them all a near impossible task. On the largest island sits Castaway Bay the pseudo capital of the Archipelago.

The only temples on the islands are to Nāmaka and every sailor said a prayer to her from time to time but as a whole no one cares who you pray to. Though angel worshipers are often laugh at and demon worshipers are give a wide berth.

Everyone who owns a ship can call themselves a captain, some own multiple ship, however if the crew is dissatisfied with their captain’s dissensions they can vote in a new captain. A captain with multiple ships will often place lieutenants in charge of any ship the captain is not own and these lieutenants are the usual candidates for captaincy when a new captain is needed. Apart from commanding a ship a captain also represents his crew at gatherings.
A gathering is when a group of pirate get together to settle disputes. Usually only the few effected captains attend a gathering along with one neutral captain to act as mediator. The only The Great Gathering is when all the captains in the archipelago met in Castaway Bay to discuss and vote matters that effect the Archipelago as a whole. The Gathering is rare the last one occurring 200 years ago when the unknown continent in the south-east was discovered and The Port of No Return was established. Outside of these gatherings a captain is free to conduct his or her business however they like. Though there are a few guide lines that most captains tend to follow known as the Reaver’s Creed.

Reaver’s Creed
This set of unofficial rules is the only law in the Archipelago. This creed seems to be followed by everyone in the Archipelago and those few who don’t are unpopular and are often ostracized by their fellows. The basics of the creed are: don’t take another man’s quarry, except all surrenders, adhere to all gathering outcomes. follow the orders of your captain at all times until he is voted out, and do not piss off Nāmaka.

The Big Five
Though any individual captain has authority over his or her ship, some captains have become so wealthy and influential that they have other captains working on their behave. Even those wealthy captains will often be working for one of the Big Five. The five most powerful captains in the Archipelago. These five are the ones with the true power in the Archipelago as about 90% of the captains follow one of them.
The current Big five are: Yestrah Cliffspark, Stepney “Iron Fist” Crutchley, Donald Thorne, Elizabeth “The Ghost” Zeph, and Holman “Striker” Ark.


Castaway Bay

—Cottny: One of the Archipelago’s larger islands Cottny host a major cotton industry in the form of massive plantations. Cottny is currently the headquarters of one the big five Captain Yestrah Cliffspark.

—Braxis Harbor: A coastal city that services as the major supply hub for all in the Archipelago. Here goods both from pirating and industry are traded for food, fresh water, building materials and other goods that the Archipelago can not produce. The city sites large river delta and as such has no streets but rather rely on canals (natural and man made) for travel through the city. Because the city’s trade is so vital to the Archipelago who ever controls the trade will have just as much wealth and power as the Big Five. However unlike the pirate captains the merchants of Braxis must maintain the illusion of law and order or they will loss the fragile trust of the other nations and thus lose their vital trade agreements. So merchants resort to more subtle means to get ahead such as bribery, blackmail, sabotage, and “accidents”. As of 5013ARF three families control the businesses in the city while the governing of the city is left to elected officials. The three families are the Fennys, the Zaurahel, and the Valid, though a fourth family, the Arasolis, have started to move in to the city threatening to upset the delicate balance.

—Rhiner’s Island: An island that is little more that a mile across that was once home to a pair of ettins but is now claimed by Rhiner Fennys. The only thing that is unique about the island is the sweet tasting fruit that resemble pomegranates but that also contain the same properties of most opiates.

—Namaka’s Palace: The legendary home of the Goddess Namaka. Long believed to be a myth the palace sits at the bottom of a trench that lies nearly 6000 fathoms beneath the surface. The palace holds further challenges for any seeking to become the consort of the sea based purely on the whims of the unpredictable Namaka. On the 1st Fall of Summer 5013 ARF Toriel Karganok claimed the title of Consort of the Sea and many Namaka priest have describe their visions of the new demi-god as a bear shaped wave representing the ocean’s uncontrolled ferocity.

Raider's Archipelago

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