Calen Taure

When the Tellision Republic fell the elves of what is now Calen Taure tried to keep the republic together. However when marauding armies came to Foraoise Biotáille seek wood for their war machines and furnaces the elves gave up on the rest of the continent and fell back to defend the borders of the forest. The Arch-druids form the Sage Counsel who’s structure mirrors that of the ancient republic senate. The first order of business the new counsel had was to drive all that they considered unworthy from Foraoise Biotáille. Once all but those who worshiped the Guardians of Tellus were driven from the forest the kingdom enter an era of isolation. Now no one who is not vouched for by either a Arch-druid or a member of the Wardens are allowed within the forest kingdom.

Though the majority of Calen Taure are elves anyone who honor nature and the Guardians of Tellus are welcome.

The entire nation is covered by the high canopy of Foraoise Biotáille. Every town and village is built to work with nature rather than cutting down nature to make way for the for the settlement. Each of these settlements govern themselves usually by town elder. When a matter arises that effects multiply settlements or that is to difficult a dissension for the elder to make the local Arch-druid comes in to lend their wisdom. At the center of the forest lies Tal’taure the capital of the forest kingdom.

their are five Arch-druids that make up the Sage Counsel. These Arch-druids travel throughout the forest to aid where they can and at each of the equinox and solstice the Arch-druids meet to discuss the state of the land, unless an emergency occurs that causes them to meet sooner. Despite the name the Arch-druids do not need to fallow the path of the druid. The Arch-druid chooses an apprentice at a time of their own choosing and teaches them until the Arch-druid feels that their apprentice is prepared to take on the responsibility. Then at the next regular meeting of the Sage Counsel a great festival is held as the old Arch-druid steps down and the new one takes up the mantle.

Calen Taure does not recognize the Angiris Counsel, see their presence on Tellus just as dangerous as the Lords of Hell. Agents of the Angiris Counsel are tolerated so long as they are providing aid and not spouting their rhetoric. All of the Guardians of Tellus are revered throughout Calen Taure equally.

The Wardens
An order of rangers and druids the Wardens protect the forest from threats within and without. Any citizen can become a warden by becoming an apprentice to a current member much in the same way an Arch-druid is made. The differences are that a warden can have multiply apprentices and the senior warden do not retire when their apprentices are elevated.

Calen Taure

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