Age of Strife

Many doom sayers and prophets speak of the Age of Strife. Though these tales of impending doom differ from teller to teller they all hold some similarities. Such as armies of angels and demons fighting along side mortals, the land of Tellus will shatter, Luna and Solar will inhabit the sky at the same time, and of course all mortals are doomed to damnation.

Most rational people will dismiss these tales as ravings of madmen however during my most resent trip to The Distant Shore, in the 4th Birth of Summer 5013 ARF, I found evidence that these events may come to pass. A prophecy that tells of the Coming of the Age of Strife.
Loosely translated:
When the Ogre, the Crow and the Three Fingered Ghost betray their rightful masters.
When The Ocean claims her consort and the trees march to war
When the mountains bleed and the winged crown falls
Then shall all know the Age of Strife has come

I believe that the Ogre Crow and Ghost refers to the current turmoil in The Jade Empire instigated by the Oni, the Tengu, and the Dorotabo clans.
The Ocean’s consort I suspect refers to the myth surrounding Nāmaka Warden of the Sea
The trees, mountains and winged crown I still has not yet decipher but as I write this I recall that Emperor Karl Sigran’s crown has Griffin wings on it.

Regardless as of the 2nd Birth of Spring 5013 ARF Tellus’s doomsday clock has started ticking.

Age of Strife

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