Sin Wars

Settlers of the Blighted Lands

13th Fall of Summer 5013ARF

The Winter Court moves north through The Blighted Lands when they came upon a large camp of settlers in the road. The court was warmly greeted by Sir Lamber of House Buckfield. Lamber explains to the members of The Vanguard that in the Blighted Lands there are only two plots of fertile land capable of supporting a settlement and both are currently held. The farther plot is held by Warlord Gasor Bursk a notorious slaver and the one closer to the settlers’ camp is held by a large orc tribe. Lamber explains that the 1000 settlers in his protection are nearly out of food and few of them have any military training. As such Lamber asks the Vanguard to aid him in removing the orcs.

The Vanguard agree and ready a plan to sneak in to the orc settlement and assassinate the orc chief before Sir Lamber and his forces charge in. When the Vanguard approached the orc camp under the cover of night Riva and Aija get a strange sense that a pack of wolf off in the distance was following them. Rhiner also notices as he began to scout ahead that numerous farms have been planted and maintained around the orcs’ camp. Dispite these odd sights Rhiner, Vedicar, and Kagami slipped quietly into the orc camp. Once inside the camp the three made their way to a cave midway up the mountain the camp rings. On the way no guards were seen. As they entered the cave, still no armed orc insight, Kagami, Rhiner, and Vedicar move through a large feast hall and into a smaller chamber deeper into the cave.. As they hide behind a curtain the three infiltrators find the single largest orc they have ever seen meditating in the back of the chamber with young female orc sitting impatiently at a table. The large orc looks over to where the three were hiding and invited them to dinner.

Confused Kagami, Rhiner, and Vedicar sit at the table as the Orc introduces himself as Cheiftan Sarosh Rocklash and the other orc as his daughter Runarvia Rocklash. Sarosh explains to them how he came to a revelation about the blood lust that consumes most of his race and how he leads his tribe to a more pacifistic path. Sarosh offers to talk with Lamber about the two groups of people sharing the space and living together. Kagami Rhiner and Vedicar agree to arrange to meeting the Lamber for the morning.

Lamber agrees to the meeting but is still suspicious of the pacifist orc. Sarosh approaches the group with an offering of food for the settlers. Riva jump out and asks Sarosh for a hug which he accepts. The two sides discuss the future still very wary of each other but after half a hour of awkward discussions about philosophy, security, and land the two groups begin a new life in cooperation. The Winter Court stays to help the two groups settle but Vedicar insists the Vanguard go to the Warlord’s castle to free the slaves.

The Warlord Bursk’s castle boasted strong walls and a large garrison of very disciplined warriors. Cassi grows conserned about assaulting the castle with out support so Kagami, Riva and Ilred devise a plan to sneak in and liberate the slaves. However before they can implement their plan Vedicar flies off to hunt the Warlord and Rhiner sneaks ahead to cause havoc. As the plans all start to fall apart with Rhiner unleashing total darkness on the gate house, Riva manages to make it into one of the slave bunk houses. In the bunk house Riva false to convince the slave to fight with them and the slave turn and attack her. Meanwhile Kagami detonates the explosive Ilred gave her as Rhiner continues to pick off guards with his bow. Ilred charges the gate house once it was blow to rubble as Cassi holds back waiting to help any slaves escape. Above it all Vedicar slips into the keep to find Gasor. Vedicar Finds an elderly man in the observatory that answers to the name Gasor and Vedicar quickly beheads him.

After escaping the bunk house Riva finds her way to a long spiral stair case that leads into a large underground cavern with a river running through it. Riva turns and runs for help as she gets shot by a bolt from the dark cavern floor. Vedicar Flies out of the Keep disguised as Toriel Karganok in an attempt to scare to defenders with the head of their warlord being held by to raging Sea Bear however the defenders seem unfazed. Rhiner spots a group of slaves being lead some guards (Kagami disguised as one of them) into another underground stairway and sneaks in behind them. Vedicar and Ilred both make their way into the main floor of the keep and find a elevator that goes down. Kagami comes up behind them still disguised as a guard and Vedicar attacks her. After a few minutes of apologizing from both Kagami and Vedicar the three enter the elevator heading down.

In the underground cave Rhiner, Vedicar, Ilred, and Kagami see the slaves being lead into a barge on the river by shadowy humanoids. The four begin to attack the slavers. Rhiner and Ilred attack at range as Kagami slipped on to the barge as a slave to try to disorient the slavers as Vedicar leaped onto the barge to fight the slavers head on. The barge begins to move down river to the mouth of the cave and the battle begins to unravel in the darkness. Cassi and Riva come down the stairway Riva had initially found and in a split second reaction Riva launches a fireball at the barge.

From the light of the flaming barge the Vanguard reconvened to discuss what went wrong. Vedicar continued to apologized for going off half cocked and ruining the “plan” and Kagami continued to apologized for what ever transgresion cause Vedicar to strick her. In the end the group desided to destroy the castle with Ilred’s remaining gunpowder in hopes that the subterranean slavers ( who Ilred would later recall are ebony skinned elves known for their sadism call drow). As dawn approached the Vanguard rondaviewed with the Winter Court as they continued on to Karaz-a-Karak.

Adventures in the Archipelago

15th Birth of Summer 5013ARF

The Winter Court arrived at the coast just out side of the Raider’s Archipelago. There the Court modified their wagons with sails and pontoons. Then after a lengthy safety lecture by Baron Waren Gunther the Court put to sea.
In the first two days of their journey the court encountered two large iron vessels steaming through the water in what appeared to be a search pattern though the dwarves and gnomes on boarder refused to answer any questions when The Vanguard got close enough to ask.
Eventually the court arrived at their first stop in the Archipelago, an small fishing village named Thunder Haven, run by Captain Jesse “Silver Teeth” Darby. The pirates and fishermen of the island greeted the Court warmly as the groups traded goods and swapped tales. One old fisherman kept raving about a giant metal fish he saw but everyone just chalked it as yet another large fish story and kept on drinking. Rhiner became rather bitter when a treasure map he stole from the Captain’s hut lead to an empty chest with a note reading “I can’t believe you feel for that”. Rhiner’s mood did improve when his own prank that he left behind was triggered by a half drunk pirate.
The next day was uneventful on the high seas. On the night of 3rd Rise of Summer the Court was caught in a terrible storm and the Vanguard was separated from the rest. The Vanguard spent the next day reaching a small uninhabited island to repair their wagons and getting their bearings. Gabriel remained in his wagon which had yet to exit since the Court got underway but the rest of the Vanguard set out to find supplies and repair materials on what was dubbed “Rhiner’s Island”. Girard found a strange flower lining the edge of the beach which grew pomegranate like fruit at the base of its stem. Through careful study (he ate the fruit before knowing what they were) Girard discovered that the seeds of the flower acted as a powerful pain reliever and instilled a sense of euphoria. Rhiner quickly gathered as many of these plants as he could to add another business venture to his growing number of enterprises. The Vanguard spent the night relaxing on the beach indulging in cordial Vedicar created from the fruit and taking in the sweet fragrance that wafted across the beach.
When the Vanguard awoke they were bond by ropes in a cave. Rhiner and Toriel quickly undid their binding just as a pair of goblins came to check on them. With the goblins despatch Cassi, and Toriel untied the others and they all proceeded to make their way through the cavern unarmed. While Rhiner snuck of down a side passage the rest of the Vanguard found their way to the main cavern were a bunch of goblins were gathered around a fire and a large ettin sat on a raised portion in the north of the cavern. Toriel emediatly charged the ettin while Girard, Vedicar, Cassi, and Riva protected Sara and Tallia from the goblins. Vedicar transformed himself into a goblin a convinced the other goblins to rebel against the ettin. Toriel managed to beat down the ettin with the aid of the goblins only to find a female ettin emerging from the cavern opening in the northern wall. This new ettin took a liking to Toriel and tried to drag him off. During Toriel’s struggle with the ettin, Girard try to slip past them to get at their equipment only to be crushed to death when ettin’s corpse feel on him.
In his grief Toriel went on a rampage and killed all of the goblins. After gathering their equipment and Girard’s body the Vanguard made it to the entrance of the cave to find Rhiner playing fetch with a baby green dragon. As dawn rouse on the 5th Rise of Summer the Vanguard, dragon included, set sail from the island.


7th Birth of Summer 5013 ARF

The Vanguard returned to Lucentum to find the Winter Court hastily packing. The Court’s cycle long stay in Lucentum was cut short by the Ordo Hospitaller’s request that they send relief aid to the Kingdom of Neasarhan. Though this was a strange request since Neasarhan had a strict close boarder policy the Court went anyway.
The Court spend the next 3 days traveling to Neasarhan. When they arrived at the boarder of the kingdom they were met by a Sir Roric of House Rothsbow and a company of 20 Lancers. The Court was then escorted by these very wary Lancers to Klifeigh. Along the road the Vanguard noticed the blatant poverty that gripped the countryside. Once the court entered the city of Klifiegh were it sat at the base of Solamontem they were escorted to a remote corner of the town and the Vanguard was take up to the castle on the side of the mountain. There they meet King Nicholaus of House Lawrich. Nicholaus explained that he was having an issue with the trees on the edge of Foraoise Biotáille and that in exchange for removing the rebellious trees Nicholaus would pay each member of the Vanguard 1000 gold pieces.Throughout this meeting Nicholaus kept looking at Cassi as if he had just seen a ghost.
Cassi resieved similar reactions from the poeple of the city as well but there was a hint of hope in the eyes of the people as the Vanguard passed. An old drunk in the tavern by the name of Sir Jasper of House Moonfor explained that Cassi was the spitting image of the late Queen Avina of House Neenda. Further investigation by Toriel, Girard, and Rhiner would uncover the story of how King Nicholaus came to power and how Queen Avina’s baby daughter Princess Lucinia allegedly survived the coup, also that Cassi would be the same age as the Princess. The Vanguard would also learn that many citizens both rich and poor detest King Nicholaus and hold hope that Princess Lucinia would return.
As word of Cassi’s presence spread through the city more and more people seem to flock around her. In an attempt to process all of this strange news Cassi goes to the temple of the Angiris Counsel to pray for guidance and to meditate on the story her adopted parents told her about how she was found in the arms of a dying woman while the Court was on its way to Calen Taure. While she prays and the rest of the Vanguard were off talking with the locals, 4 would be assassins entered the temple to try to kill Cassi. Cassi did well fending off her would be killers until the commotion caught Riva’s attention and the Vanguard rushed to Cassi’s aid. One of the assassins was taken alive but had little useful information as to who hired them.
The next day the Vanguard, acompanied a group of Lancers, headed south to a logging camp, were the last attack occurred. the Vanguard found the camp in ruins with the bodies of many of the workers scattered across the ground. There were also several trees growing in the middle of the camp. As the Vanguard investigate the camp, Rhiner finds a small fey creature. The creature, later identified as a Child of the Briar, cried out and the strange trees uprooted and began to attack the Vanguard. Through some quick thinking an diplomacy by Girard and Cassi, the trees and Briar stopped attacking and agreed to take the Vanguard to the dryad sisters to find the whole truth behind the forest attacks on Neasarhan. The Vanguard enters a grove protected by magical wards that nulify oustider magic, including Vedicar’s cloak of human disgiuse. The four dryads, Hollia, Nerine, Lilea, and Azurea, examined the Vanguard with an air of amusement and explained that Nicholaus has violated the agreement the dryads made with the previous king of Neasarhan, King Rawlin, and have attack in retaliation. The dryads agreed to release the Vanguard and allow them a day to confront Nicholaus on their behalf. After that day the trees will march on Klifeigh.
The Vanguard rushed back to Klifiegh warning every villager they met along the way. Once they reached the city they found it preparing for a seige. The Lancers seemed to be focusing their defense efforts solo on the castle. This allowed the Vanguard to dispatch their escort to move more freely through the city. During this fight, Tallia’s right eye glowed brighter than before, grew long claws and pounced on one of the Lancers. She proceed to tear out the Lancer’s throat with her teeth and clawed through the armor to reach the lancer’s heart. Once the Lancer was dead Tallia, completely drench in blood, stood shock at what she did. Toriel took pride in Tallia “Embracing the Rage” but Riva and Cassi grew conserned for Tallia and took her to the temple while the rest of the Vanguard planned the attack.
Toriel, Vedacar, and Rhiner disguised themselves as Lancers and infiltrated the castle. Meanwhile Cassi, Reva and Girard rallied the commoners. By nightfall a large throng of people organized by Sir Jasper had gathered in square armed weapons provided by Rhiner’s wealth. Cassi, not one for flowery speeches, simply marched on the castle. The mass of commoners followed behind carrying the black dragon banner of House Neenda. As the mob aproached the castle gate Toriel and Vedicar opened the gate and let the commoners through. Meanwhile Rhiner sought out Sir Roric who was in command of the defences. Before Rhiner could kill him Riva flew over the wall and threw Roric against a wall with her hair. Cassi march right in to the throne room and challange Nicholaus to a duel. Outside the city Riva could see the a mass of trees moving closer and closer to t he city. Nicholaus accepted and the two fought a grewly battle but Cassi proved to be the better fighter and slew Nicholaus as he tried to flee. With Nicholaus dead the Yellow and black banner of House Neenda was raised over the castle signaling to the dyrads that the fighting was over.
The next morning Cassi was crowned Queen. She agreed to uphold her father’s agreement with the dryads to only utilize a small amount of lumber for the forest in exchange for honoring Gaia’s place in Tellus. Priests of Itherael also aprouched the new queen concerned over Riva’s arcane gifts and her aparent lack of Arcana Citidel medallion. Cassi quickly dismissed their fear and vouched for Riva’s character. Cassi then decreed that Sir Jasper would act as her regent until she feels she is worthy of claiming the throne. With that the Winter Court left Neasarhan fully supplied by a very grateful populace.


4th Birth of Summer 5013ARF

After a long trek through the disease and predator filled jungle, The Vanguard, with Gabriel, Sara, and Glyd in tow, finally find the city of Hexoatl. Glyd began shouting a jumping for joy which caused Toriel to hastily quiet Glyd by throwing the gnome in to his backpack. As it turned out however there was no need for stealth because as the group entered to city the lizardmen, whom the Vanguard thought would fight them tooth and nail to keep out of the city, simply kept their distance. As the Vanguard moved down the main road of the city they came before the largest of the golden pyramids. At the base of the pyramid lay a large mosaic of a human girl with dual colored eyes.

The group is herded by the silent lizardmen up the steps of the pyramid and are then ushered inside. None of the lizardmen follow them in save for one that seemed to act very friendly towards them. It is later discovered that this lizardman was Rhiner playing one of his pranks. Inside the pyramid the party find a large room with a magical Orrery of Tellus and the other planes in the center. The walls of this chamber are covered in a mural depicted what Gabriel speculated was the history of the lizardmen. Gabriel, Glyd, and Sara began the study the mural pulling book after book after book out of their packs, sketching the artwork and translating the text.

During this time the rest of the Vanguard were startled by a old man who had appeared in the doorway behind them. The old man summon two terrifying monsters and proclaimed that the Vanguard were trespassing and that they should leave. Toriel chose to throw a pot at the old man before anyone could truly process what was going on. The old man and his monstrous servants then attacked in anger but before any blows could be struck the old man and the monsters vanished.

A few moments of silents passed while the Vanguard were on edge from that last encounter. Then came a cry from Sara and Gabriel and Glyd rushed over to her. They each read the passage that Sara was working on. Then the two of them began to talk very fast in an ancient language. Gabriel explained that they needed to get back to the main land immediately but refused to explain further and just keep chattering with Glyd as they packed up their bags and made for the exit.

As the Vanguard reach the exit of the pyramid the sounds of combat could be heard and the foul smell of brimstone filled the air. Outside the city was burning as the lizardmen desperately held an army of demons at bay. However the lizardmen were losing ground quickly. Both of Tallia’s eyes began to glowed brightly as she started to convulse of the ground. Two beard devils attacked the Vanguard. Once they were dispatched a lizardmen shaman gave three pterodactyl equipped with saddles to the Vanguard and gestured for them all to escape.
As the Vanguard left the agonizing screams of the lizardmen were carried on the wind and could be heard as far as The Port of No Return

Once they were back at the Port Gabriel explained their findings. They had found evidence that the Age of Strife was approaching. Gyld said that he was going to go back the Hexoatl in a week or so to further study the mural and see if he could find out how such a large host of demons was able to emerge. With that the Vanguard bid the Distant Shores farewell and sailed back to Lucentum.

Lucentum and the Distant Shore

15th Fall of Spring 5013ARF

The Winter Court arrives in the city of Lucentum for a full cycle to rest resupply and catch up with old friends. Riva spent her time dancing in the square trying to earn a little money. Cassi went to the local fortress monastery of the Ordo Templar to meet with her friends in the order and to regale the novices with tales of her travels as many of them are not yet allowed to leave the monastery. Girard, Toriel, and Tallia went to peruse the markets for more textiles for Girard’s store. Rhiner also decided to do some “shopping” of his own.

In the market Tallia finds a doll at the stall of an antigue dealer by the name of Hanno Aurallious. The thing that caught Tallia’s eye was the fact that this doll have one blue eye and one red eye just like her. Hanno explained that the doll was given to him by his brother, Captain Dante Aurallious who owns a ship that sends supples to The Port of No Return. Girard and Toriel chose to buy the doll and talk to Gabriel to see if he has any insight as to why a doll from The Distant Shore would have the same eyes as a farm girl for the northern boarder.
Meanwhile as Riva was dancing she was approached by a hooded drunk who asked to see Girard, claiming to have a message for him. When Girard returned from shopping and meet with the stranger who turned out to be his old friend Vedicar Bladespeaker the Fate Twister. Vedicar explained that after leaving the Citidel his sword, Whisper, told him to seek Girard out. The Vanguard were initially suspicions of this tiefling friend of Girard’s but after confirmation from Cassi the Vedicar had no evil in his heart, and the strange fact that Whisper and Aija seem to have history together, these suspicions were put at ease.

At that time a large commotion could be heard from the market and it seem that a giant red dragon had appeared in the market. However as the local legionaries, templars, and Toriel charged often to fight the dragon it vanished. Later the news would spread that the dragon was an illusion and that the templars were looking for the culprit but had no leads. Once everything began to settle down the Vanguard went to meet with Gabriel at the near by tavern. At the tavern, Rhiner proved to be strangely generous as he buys a round of a brand new wine that just came in from the Falcon Provincia for everyone in the tavern. Meanwhile the rest of the Vanguard showed the doll to Gabriel. Upon hear were the doll came from, Gabriel immediately declared that they should go to the Distant Shore at once to find the answers to their questions.

The Vanguard charted passage across the Straights of Sorrow on board Captain Dante Aurallious’s ship, the Sea Dancer. While crossing the straights the crew remained on high alert for any threat. At dawn on the second day of the voyage, with tensions on the ship so tight it could snap at any moment, there came a cry from the helmsman. A corpse in long ragged robes and glowing blue eyes stood floating at the helm. It did not attack or speak it simple stirred the ship on coarse and occasionally smiled and waved at the rest of the crew. Toriel, without hesitation, charged at the creature but just as Toriel was about to bury his claws into the creature it vanished. As the crew got their heart rates back down to normal levels Toriel turned his rage to Rhiner, who was rolling on the deck laughing. Toriel threw Rhiner into the sea wishing to simply leave him there but Captain Aurallious begrudgingly threw Rhiner a line explaining, to the shock of the rest of the Vanguard, that Rhiner was a Consul of the Falcon Provincia.

Before the Vanguard could come to terms with this new revelation, the ship was attack by a pair of sea drakes. The first of these drakes was killed with little effort but before the second one come be killed it dove into the sea taking Toriel with it. For what felt like an eternity Toriel battled the drake beneath the waves. Toriel fought the mighty drake while also struggling against the crushing depths as their battle went deeper and deeper. On the deck the Vanguard waited for either the drake or Toriel to return, Tallia in particular was worried for Toriel’s saftey. After several long minutes the drake’s lifeless body broke the surface of the water followed by Toriel. As he floated on top of the drake Toriel demanded the body be carved up for meat and that Girard make him a cloak from its hide.

That afternoon the ship pulled into the Port of No Return. The Vanguard pushed through the mist and humidity that hung in the air as they made their way to the local tavern that double as the mayor’s office. There they meet with Mayor Faelyn Yinbalar who gave them a newcomers speech about how everything in the Distant Shore will try to kill them and that as long as they are in the Port of No Return they are expected to help protect it. Faelyn then tells the Vanguard that Glydnart Bakwig Gebbla Froprocass is their leading expert on the lizardmen and the ancient ruins of the continent and that he can be found in one of the rooms above the tavern. The Vanguard meet the hyperactive and nude gnome in his room as he was planning his next expedition to find the lost city of Hexoatl. Grabriel, who is a old friend of Glyd’s, was able to calm him down long enough to remind the gnome of his current lack of pants and to ask if the Vanguard could join the expedition. Glyd happily agreed to have them along and the next morning, with ten other adventurers, the expedition set off.

The slog through the jungle was long are hard. For three days the expedition suffered from the heat, deseases and attacks from the local wildlife. On the forth day after losing four of their company and Girard and Vedicar suffering with a fever, the expedition was ambushed by lizardmen high in the canopy. As Cassi, Vedicar, Riva and Rhiner took aim with arrows and spells, Toriel took to climbing the trees to get at his attacks. However every time Toriel got high enough to reach his target the lizardman was killed by one of the Vanguard down below. during the battle Vedicar took several arrows and Girard rushed from his hiding place with Tallia to aid him. Unfortunately as Girard was healing Vedicar, Girard was shot once in each eye. In his panic Girard hastily called upon Auriel’s power to heal himself before he had the arrows removed. Girard’s wounds were healed bout his eyes were sealed shut with the arrows sealed in place.


8th Fall of Spring 5013ARF

The day after The Vanguard returned from The Moors was uneventful as the Winter Court finished it business in the city of Arcantus. While spending their last evening in the city all of the members of the Vanguard was visited by a well dress half-elven woman named Cania Abercius and four legionaries from the Falcon Legio. Abercius asked for the whereabouts of Rhiner but offered no further details as to why. The next morning the Court starts to move south. Rhiner spent the journey with a rather smug look on his face.

The journey through the Imperial Provincias of Falcon and Roc took 3 days and was uneventful and gave the Vanguard plenty of time helping Tallia harness her natural arcana powers. While training with Toriel to channel her anger Tallia grew long red claws from her finger tips and her right eye glowed bright. Then while Cassi taught her to maintain clarity of her surroundings during combat, Tallia’s left eye glowed bright and the flames of the meditation candles change to a blue hue. Girard became increasingly curious about these strange abilities afforded Tallia by what ever heritage gave her her talent for the arcane. He ask Gabriel for a book on the subject on arcane bloodlines. Ultimately, Girard was unable to pin down Tallia’s ancestry but he was able to learn some about his own.

After their three day trek the Court made it to the small mountain range that boarders the Roc and Pelican Provincias. While trading with the dwarves of Karaka-Drak at the way-station in the mountains Toriel overheard Thane Harnus discussing a goblin threat in the hold with one of his commanders. Toriel offered to help the dwarves with their problem and since the dwarves held a degree of respect for the Swift Claw tribe Harnus accepted Toriel’s offer.

The Vanguard was lead down to the bottom of the hold were they met with Chief Ranger Gremmir. Gremmir explains that the goblin army set up camp in the middle of the Underway about three miles from the entrance to the hold. The dwarves seemed more than able to hold off the goblin horde but without their connection to the rest of Karak Ankor, Karaka-Drak will slowly fall into ruin. Gremmir explained that a goblin shaman was responsible for the unification of numerous goblin tribes and organized assault that the dwarves now faced. Thane Harnus promised to pay the Vanguard well for killing the shaman and breaking the goblins’ moral.

Gremmir lead the Vanguard out a sally port around the goblins’ battle line as the goblins brought siege engines to bare on the walls. Gremmir showed the Vanguard a small opening in the side wall on the cavern that he explained would lead the Vanguard to the goblins’ camp. The Vanguard moved down the tunnel for about an hour before coming across a ten foot fissure in the middle of the tunnel. Between Toriel’s strength and Girard’s telekinetic spells they were able to get a rope across the fissure. All of the members managed the cross the fissure safely, save for Girard who slipped and fell. All thought that he was dead until strange black tentacles protruding from his back carried an unconscious Girard up the fissure and then dissipated when Girard was safe.

Eventual the Vanguard made it to the goblin camp a massive city of makeshift tents. While the others took up hidden positions as close to the central tent as they could, Rhiner used his newly acquired magical hat to change his appearance into a goblin. Rhiner was able to get close to a gathering horde of goblins in time to see the shaman and his ogre bodyguard give a inspirational speech to the amassing goblins complete with the handing out of strange mushrooms. Once the horde left to fight the dwarves the Vanguard sprung their ambush. Toriel rushed for the shaman while the others shoot at the ogre. Once the ogre fell the shaman fled back into the tent were Tallia was waiting for it. With its back against the wall the goblin shaman turned invisible in an attempt to escape. Cassi began to wave her spear around in hopes to strike the invisible shaman, unfortunatily she struck Tallia in the back of the head instead. Rhiner managed to follow the footprints an strike the shaman with a bolt killing it.

After a short breath to mend their wound the Vanguard triumphantly returned to the hold with the shaman’s head on Cassi’s spear. The goblin horde stood in disbelief that their leader was dead making them easy targets for the dwarven defenders. True to his word Thane Hanus gave the Vanguard a chest of gold for their service. The Vanguard return to the Winter Court in time for the Court to continue their journey to Straights of Sorrow.

Arcantus Aftermath

7th Fall of Spring 5013ARF

It has been three days since the Vanguard uncovered the the cult and found the cure for the Plague of Boiling Blood. The Vangaurd spent this time recuperation, spending their reward money, and meditating on their past adventures.Though the city has returned to normal day to day activities tensions are still high as the Templar 3rd Sword Company goes on a witch hunt to find the remaining cultist of the Cult of Duriel.

As the Vanguard spent they evening relaxing, Sir Sentia Segestes met with Rhiner,Riva, and Toriel in the tavern. Segestes explains that a few of the cultist have escaped the Templars’ grasp and fled into The Moors. Riva flipped a coin to see if the Vanguard would help. As the coin came up heads the Vanguard set out to hunt down the fleeing cultist in the middle of the night. In their exitment, Riva, Rhiner, and Toriel swept up Girard then rushed for the city gate. once at the gate Tallia pointed out that they forgot to get Cassi from the temple. So the Vanguard rushed over to the temple and shouted loudly for Cassi thus disturbing the tranquility of the temple. Shortly after the yelling start an agitated Cassi and consider weather or not beating her friends in the head with her spear would make her feel better.

The Vanguard traveled through the night and as dawn broke they reached the edge of The Moors. The massive fog covered bog proved challenging but not impossible for Toriel to navigate. However with no real trail to follow the Vanguard wandered blindly through the swamp for hours. Eventually the Vanguard came to a large obsidian structure. The entry room of the building was lined with horizontal alcoves each housing the skeletal remains of humanoids. This form of storing the dead is unheard of anywhere on Tellus since the burial practices of the civilized cultures all involve sending the dead on barges down the River Styx. In the center of the room stands a obsidian statue of a strange angelic figure. The noticeable oddity of this statue is that the angel has a face, all known angels all have a shadowy void beneath their hoods.

The unsettling scene continued as the Vanguard followed the spiraling corridors and stairs down floor after floor for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually the Vanguard found a chamber similar to the one found in the tunnels under Arcantus. This chamber was manned by demons and blood poured from the iron maidens into channels in the floor and then into larges pits. Rapidly the Vanguard descended upon the demons and sent them back to the Burning Hells.

At the end of the chamber was a smaller chamber furnished as a chapel. Charred skeletons sat in the pews still in prayer facing the alter and the large brass mirror that sat on it. As the Vanguard drew close a smoky shadowy figure appeared in the mirror. The figure introduced itself as Khiaza. The demon cogratulated the Vanguard for their victories against her and her masters. The demon seemed to take great amusement by the Vanguard and was eager to talk directly with them and bestow any boon she could upon them. Tallia in particlular peaked Khiaza’s interest. Most of the Vanguard was going to have none of that, but Girard wanted to talk more with Khiaza. Toriel grabbed Girard by the collar and quickly dragged him out. As they left the morbid structure the eyes of every statues of angels followed them as they past.

As dawn broke the Vanguard made it back the Arcantus and informed Sir Segestes the the cultist are no more and of their encounter with the demon. Sir Segestes thanked them for their service and her condolences for become the interest of a demon. thinking that he deserved more for the work he did Rhiner forged documents to become a Consul by command of Praotor Decimus Tibur. Those documents have been sent to the Mayor-Consul Markus Patricius for review.

Arcantus part 2

3rd Fall of Spring 5013ARF

After leaving Tullus Patricius in the hands of the Centurian Octavius Ulixes, the guard captain for the city, The Vanguard head to the home of Consul Markus Patricius. On the way Rhiner slipped away from the rest of the group to look through some of the other noble houses for “clues”.

At the home of a very disgruntled Consul Patricius, the Vangaurd questioned the whole family about the eldest son’s cult activities. They learned that none of the of Patricii knew anything about the cult but that Tullus was spending a great deal of time at the home of the Veturius family. thinking that the Patricius were hiding something Girard whispered abyssal into the 10 year old second son ear. This caused a large commotion as the boy cried out in panic screaming “demon”. After a short altercation with the family’s personal guard and a broken window The Vanguard was forcefully escorted from the home.

While most of the Vanguard went to the home of the Veturius for further questioning Rhiner found a secret tunnel in one of the homes he was “investigating”. This secret tunnel lead to a whole network that seemed to be a mix of underground aqueduct and siege tunnel. As Rhiner explored the tunnels he came upon a large chamber lined with iron maidens and a strange alter in the center. At the same time the rest of the Vanguard meet with the matriarch of the Veturius family. Lady Veturius seem quite amused by the group and allowed them free access to her home. Toriel became very suspicious of the matriarch and stayed with her and Tallia while the others explored the house. Lady Veturius open a trap door and Tallia fell in. Toriel grabbed Veturius and jumped down the hole after Tallia.

At the bottom of the chute Toriel and Tallia were grappled by animated chains hanging from the ceiling of the same large chamber Rhiner found. As the chains slowly pull them towards the iron maidens Lady Veturius and a hand full of cloaked figures watched mockingly. Rhiner begins to take shoots at the cultists as Toriel struggles to break free of the chains. The rest of the Vanguard finding nothing in the upstair rooms of the house went back the the parlor to find Lady Veturius, Toriel, and Tallia gone. They eventually find the chute that lead down to the underground chamber and join in the fight.

When the fight with the cultist ended the Vanguard discovered that one of the robe figures was the mayor, Consul Manius Tibur. On the alter they found a book explaining the creation of the plague. They brought the book to Brother Bellator, who immediately sent word the Sir Sentia Segestes to reopen the city. The party explained what had happened to the templar and Praotor Decimus Tibur.

It took the local legion and templar forces a few days to restore order in the city. Consul Markus Patricius was named the new mayor of the city, Elred of the Soaring Talons was made a Consul and instructed to act as a bring between the poor and the wealth in the city and true to his word Praotor Tibur had The Vanguard stand on a large scale and gave them their weight in gold.

Arcantus part 1

2nd Fall of Spring 5013ARF

The Winter Court followed The Tellesion Highway south to the city of Arcantus. When they arrived they found the town surrounded by an army from the Ordo Templar. When The Vanguard went down to investigate they met with Praotor Decimus Tibur andSir Sentia Segestes. The two of them explain that the city was experiencing a plague and has been sealed off by order of the Templars given the possible demon influence. Sir Segestes was waiting for the order to come from her superiors to put the city to the torch. Praotor Tibur however was still advocating for the 30 thousand people in the city and offered the Vanguard their weight in gold to go into the city and help Brother Bellator of the Ordo Hospitaller find a cure for the plague before Sir Segestes had to carry out her orders.

Upon entering the city The Vanguard found Brother Bellator in the Great Arena which was set up as a field hospital. Bellator explained that he still knew little about the how the plague started or how to find a cure. The Vanguard went to the slums of the city were toe first outbreak to place but as they got close they found an ongoing fight between the local cohort of the Falcon Legion and the poor of the city. In their attempt to sneak past the fight Rhiner and Girard slipped in to a back alley and tried to climb the buildings that lead into the slums. Girard was spotted as he was climbing and in an attempt to scare the rioters away used magic to distort the face of one of them. This caused to rioters to cry demon and all of the combatants rushed into the alley to kill Girard. Luckly Cassi was able to calm the crowd and the two sides regrouped with their own sides and ready for the next engagement.

Once inside the slums the Vanguard meet the rioters leader a escaped gladiator named Elred of the Soaring Talons. The Soaring Talon tribe was a neighboring tribe of Toriel’s Swiftclaw tribe. The two reminisced about their days in The World Pillars and then Elred showed the Vanguard were the first plague victims were found. Inside the boardinghouse were the plague started the Vanguard found the common room coated in blood and gore. the sight was so horrible that some of the members became nauseous. Upstairs in one of the rooms they found an arcana circle with the remains of a human sacrifice. Riva was able to identify some of the symbols on the circle as the rune for Duriel the Lord of Pain. Back down stairs the Vanguard was ambushed by a group of cultist. After the common room received a new coat of blood the Vanguard drag a prisoner up to the castle and presents him to Consul Manius Tibur. The prisoner turns out to be a noble named Tullus Patricius. The court is shocked to learn one of their own was a member of a demon cult. Tullus’s father in-particular was outraged and was quick to disown his son. Consul Tibur was the only one who was indifferent towards the whole affair. Tullus was then sent to the dungeon and the Vanguard was sent to find more leads.


15th Rise of Spring 5013ARF

After the events at The Stronghold the party traveled for four days to rendezvoused with Winter Court at the northern border of the The Griffin Impirium. As the wagons approached the hill that the fort town of Haven sat upon they found that the fort and the hill were gone and the town below utterly destroyed. The vanguard was sent in to investigate. They found that the town was a battleground for the angels and demons with both good and evil auras still resonating throughout the area. Corpses littered the streets and half demolished building of a once thriving community. WhileCassi and Riva went to investigate the hill top, Girard and Toriel ventured into the Angiris temple. Inside they found that several halfling bodies guarding the locked entrance to the temple’s cellar. As Girard tried to find a conventional way into the cellar Toriel choose to create his own but charging through the floor.

In the cellar Toriel and Girard found a teenage human girl named Tallia. At first Tallia was apprehensive around the strange old man and the large bear man but after some reassurances from Toriel and later Cassi (when she and Riva came back from their sight seeing trip) Tallia warmed up to the party. Toriel proved to be particularly safe and trustworthy in Tallia’s eyes and has stuck close to the large barbarian since. Tallia described the chaos that ensued the night before when a massive light for the sky crashed in to the hill fort and a host of angels and demons both spilled into the town. The outsiders tore through the village as if looking for something, only stopping their search to fight either an member of the opposite faction or some poor villager that got in the way.

After the court buried the bodies and set up camp in the ruined town square the vanguard made the decision to take Tallia with them since her family was dead and she had taken a liking to Toriel.


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