Sin Wars


12th Rise of Spring 5013ARF

A few days after the events at Sanctuary, Waren asks The Vanguard to escort Gabriel Deadwood and his assistant Sara Gunther to an ancient ruin at the Chasm. After confronting a failed orc ambush along the way The Vanguard arrive at the ruined castle known as Stronghold. The castle was older than even the Tellison Republic and though half of the castle was gone , most of a large mural still remain in the great hall. This mural seem to depict events of the Eternal Conflict. As Gabriel and Sara began studying the mural The Vanguard started exploring. Toriel began to hear the voice from someone from his past. When Toriel followed the voice he was plagued with visions of his tribesman being tortured and blaming him for it. Riva was also plagued by voices that tried to lure her off the edge of the Chasm. The supposed cause of these voice appear to be a strange green magical crystals found in a cave in the basement of the castle. Samples of these crystals have been collect for Gabriel to study in the future, what is known is that it disrupts and amplifies arcana magic.
The evening of the first day also saw a strange encounter in the for of ratmen that attacked from the shadows. Though the ratmen were quickly dispatch The Vanguard agreed, unanimously, that this place was to dangerous and that they should leave but Gabriel still had another day of studying before he had all he needed. On day two The Vanguard found a second mural in what might have been the master bedroom. This mural showed scenes of vampires lording over a macabre land. Sara quickly took sketches of the mural before Toriel tore the mural apart and through it into the chasm.
Also discovered on day two was a staircase going down. Toriel and Girard stubbornly followed the staircase down over night until they reach the bottom they found the bottom of the Chasm and a forest of those green crystals. That night Riva and Cassi where awoken by a loud thud that turned out to be a large grappling hook that crossed the Chasm. Gabriel hastily walked up the wall to cut the rope while Cassi and Riva held off the marauders that were crossing along the rope. As Cassi and Riva struggled to keep the marauders at bay Gabriel managed to cut the rope and come to their aid. Meanwhile at the bottom of the Chasm Girard and Toriel were awoke to sounds of panicked screaming and blood curdling splats. They witness out in the Chasm hundreds of northern warriors falling to their deaths as the bottom of the Chasm became slick with blood.
The next dawn The Vanguard regroup gathered their things and prepared to move out. Everyone agreed to seal the staircase before leave. As they left Gabriel was troubled by part of the mural that talk about something called “The Nephalem”. The mural did not explain what The Nephalem is or where to find it, only that the angels and demons both seek it in hopes to use it to break to stalemate of the Eternal Conflict in their side’s favor.


5th Rise of Spring 5013ARF

After leaving Daggerfall the Winter Court headed north-east across the River Styx and five days after leaving the river the court stumbled upon a small village surrounded by standing stones. As the court waited outside The Vanguard was sent in to investigate. They found a group of villagers who seem to have no fears or worries of any kind. They were greeted, quite warmly, by a farmer named Johnathan who welcomes them to Sanctuary. Johnathan invites the party to lunch at his home and explains how he and the rest of the village were refugees from The Griffin Impirium who were lead here by “The Angel”. The Angel protected them when no one else would and everyone in the town was grateful to it.

After lunch The Vanguard was invited to the local temple for the weekly service. Still suspicious Toriel Karganok choose to slip away fro the gathering and observe from a tree behind to temple. During the service the local priest praised The Angel for protecting them from the dangers of the Border Princes but then spoke of the price that must be payed to stay in The Angel’s good graces. At that moment a trap door opened before the party and the villagers began to push them in. The party resisted but ultimately were all pushed into the pit. Toriel however was not going to go alone and managed to drag the priest down with him.

In the pit The Vanguard was met by a demon who thought to amuse itself before devouring them all. Cassi Winterlands was going to have none of that and immediately charged the demon. After several rounds of fierce battle the demon was slain and the party turned their attention to the now terrified villagers who now feared The Angel’s wraith. The fate of the villagers is unclear but smoke was seen rising behind the wagon train a day after they left.


3rd Rise of Spring 5013ARF

The Winter Court arrived in the town of Daggerfall as it was being suffocated by an influx of refugees that had fled a band of raiders that had begun terrorizing the region. These refugees were upset by the merchant counsel’s utter refusal to deal with the problem.

When the Court arrived in town they proceeded to aid the refugees and the over burdened town watch as best they could. They quickly found out that the raiders were kobolds and that a strange group of dwarves had also arrived in the area. The party took it upon themselves to deal with kobolds by first heading to the next predicted target to warn the ranchers there.

After a brief and blood encounter with a group of highwaymen the party arrive at the ranch to find that the owner, Jeremiah, and his family could not leave due to a broken wagon axle. The party helped Jeremiah prepare his family for the up coming attack. That night Toriel, and Girard took up ambush positions on a hill over looking the ranch. Meanwhile Riva and Cassi place themselves closer to the farmhouse were the ranchers hide, in the upstairs bedroom.

When the kobolds came over the hill the first thing they say was the aging half-elf standing on top a rock waving a torch about. As three of the kobolds move to attack Girard the others made their way down the to the house. Both of these groups were met with quit a surprise as Toriel burst out of his hidden trench and began to tear apart the kobolds attacking Girard and throw the remains at the other kobolds. This only made the kobolds run faster towards the ranch house were they came under arrow fire from Cassi and brutal attacks from Riva’s magic imbued hair. Eventually the attack moved into the house. In an attempt to intercept the kobolds Cassi wound up pole vaulting herself out of the house and on the Toriel. This forced the party to converge on the house to save the ranchers. Girard was the first to make it up stairs, after a kobold stab him in the side Girard black out and a mass of tentacles erupted from his chest and pulled the offending kobold into him, leaving behind nothing to mark that the kobold or the tentacles were ever there.

By dawn all of the kobolds were dead save for one who began to worship Riva, bounce through a series of names before finally calling her the Blood Goddess. The kobold offered to lead the party back to their lair. after a day long trek they came to the lair and were lead inside. As their guide heralded the arrive of the Blood Goddess the kobolds’ current deity, known as the Metal God, emerged from deeper in the cave. The Metal God turned out the be a magical metal construct of sorts. The party quickly destroyed the construct in a group effort, afterwards the kobolds all gathered around the party and pronounced them all gods. As the party went about laying down their tends to their worshipers the strange group of dwarves came in a claimed the construct as their quarry and claimed all the remains. The party did not argue the point and simply stayed out of the dwarves way as they gathered the pieces and left.

When the party final returned to Daggerfall they found all of the refugees and many of the townsfolk gathered outside the Merchant Counsel’s manor preparing to storm the place. The party tryed to settle the crowd and said that they would talk to the merchants. However after meeting the greedy entitle bigots that made up the Merchant Counsel they gave up and helped the rioters overthrow them as peacefully as possible. As the Winter Court left Daggerfall a new Counsel was put in place including the parties recommendation of Jeremiah.


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