Riva Thenriel

Elf witch


young elf goth girl with blood red hair and dark green eyes. Her skin is almost an unattractive white. Her fox is all black with red eyes


My name is Riva Thenriel. You may have heard of me, I’m one of the most talented dancers in the Winter Court. I joined them when I was about 70 years old. Before that? I… I don’t remember honestly. The only memory I have before joining the Winter Court was when I met Aija, my pet fox.

It was winter, I think. It was dark and I was wandering in the woods. I heard a soft melody and was drawn to it. That is were I found Aija with a broken leg and half starved. I bandaged the leg as best I could and fed Aija. Then I took her back to a hut I don’t know where that hut is anymore. at the base of a mountain? Maybe? In fact I not sure when that happened but what I do clearly remember is that Aija is my closest friend I I would be lost without him.

The first clear memory I have is waking up in a wagon as part of the Winter Court. Apparently some of the Court’s children found me in a field covered in blooded surrounded by the mutilated corpses of 3 eyed, red skinned orc like creatures. Of course this introduction made my first few years with the Court awkward. However over time they grew to trust me. My great talent as a dancer has no doubt helped a lot with earning the Court’s trust. It took me a lot longer for me to truly trust them.

In truth the only person I truly trust is Aija. I talk with him often. That on its own is not all that weird but what is the weird part is that Aija often talks back. he has taught me many things about the world around me but what our talks mostly focus on is magic. Of course no one is to know about my power cause I like living.

Riva Thenriel

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