Rhiner Fennys

Hafling Rogue Sniper


Rhiner_Fennys.pngA strapping young male halfing with blonde hair and green eyes. He wears a fine tailored leather jerkin, red silk trousers, leather boots, and leather gloves.


Rhiner is the son of prominent merchants in the Raider’s Archipelago. They accumulated vast sums of wealth by buying and selling the ill gotten gains the pirates of the Archipelago bring in. Rhiner enjoyed the lap of luxury his parents afforded him but Rhiner desired adventure and to accumulate his own wealth. To this end Rhiner joined up with the Winter Court as they past through and has not looked back.

Through his own savvy efforts, Rhiner has become a Consul of the Falcon Provincia which gained him a town house in Arcantus, a gladiator school, vineyard and villa in the southern regions of Falcon Provincia.

Rhiner also discovered a new fruit on an island he has claimed that has proven to be a powerful opiate. On this island Rhiner also found his closest companion, an infant green dragon name Shenel
Rhiner has also start a courtship with Lady Sonoda Kiyomi which seems to be reciprocated.

Rhiner Fennys

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