Glydnart Bakwig Gebbla Froprocass

Historian, Explorer, Linguist, Treasure Hunter, Badger Tamer, and Dabbler of Fungal Horticulture


An elderly gnome with wild red hair and beard. He wears leather pants and jerkin along with a pair of spectacles. Dispite his age this gnome is very flighty and hyperactive even by his race’s standards.


Glydnart Bakwig Gebbla Froprocass, or Glyd for short, is a gnomen historian who once studied under Gabriel Deadwood. Unlike his teacher who focuses on the history of Tellision Republic and the Eternal Conflict Glyd has become obsessed over the strange ruins of the Distant Shore. His most resent obsession is in finding the city of Hexoatl.

Glydnart Bakwig Gebbla Froprocass

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