Cheiftan Srosh Rocklash


Perhaps the single largest orc in all of Tellus. Sarosh stand nearly 8 feet tall and close to 350 lb of muscle. His pale green skin wrapped in dire wolf hid. With deep green eyes full of wisdom.


Sarosh began life as many young orcs, as a warroir seeking blood and glory. As he continued to grow and fight the blood lust only grew within him. Until one battle against the Eagle Legion of the The Griffin Impirium saw his entire warband slaughter and he severly wound. As Sarosh made his way home he saw visions of a wolf pack gathered around a mountain in a scene of tranquility as a ghostly vision of a maternal figure cares for the wolves. When he returns to lead the Frostwolf tribe he takes them to The World Pillarsto a solitary peak on the edge of The Blighted Lands and begins to teach them the way of Gaia and peace.

Cheiftan Srosh Rocklash

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