Cassi Winterlands aka Lucinia of House Neenda, Queen of Neaserhan

Human Paladin


A young human female in her early twenties. She is above average height with a delicate but muscular frame clad in a suit of full steel armor emblazoned with the winged sword of Imperius. Her auburn shoulder to mid-length hair is tied back in a tail and her eyes have a greenish hue. Often seen as beautiful, Cassi hasn’t expressed interests in any romantic relationships this far.


The land of the Border Princes is lawless and dangerous for even the most prepared. Cassi’s father knew that. He also had an ambitious plan to unite the border princes under a new kingdom. However his ambitions earned him many enemies who united in an effort to destroy him.

They succeeded and attacked their fortified manor while she was a baby. Her father was killed and his servents and vassals were scattered. Her mother fled with Cassi but she was wounded in the escape. The Winter Court found both child and dying mother a few days later. Though every atempt was made to save Cassi’s mother, she eventually succumb to her wounds.

Cassi was taken in by a aging couple, the Winterlands. The Winterlands were well known members of the Ordo Templar who were now retired and traveling with the Winter Court. They raised Cassi to follow the decrees of Imperius and to follow in their foot steps as his holy warrior.

Cassi Winterlands aka Lucinia of House Neenda, Queen of Neaserhan

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