Sin Wars

Settlers of the Blighted Lands

13th Fall of Summer 5013ARF

The Winter Court moves north through The Blighted Lands when they came upon a large camp of settlers in the road. The court was warmly greeted by Sir Lamber of House Buckfield. Lamber explains to the members of The Vanguard that in the Blighted Lands there are only two plots of fertile land capable of supporting a settlement and both are currently held. The farther plot is held by Warlord Gasor Bursk a notorious slaver and the one closer to the settlers’ camp is held by a large orc tribe. Lamber explains that the 1000 settlers in his protection are nearly out of food and few of them have any military training. As such Lamber asks the Vanguard to aid him in removing the orcs.

The Vanguard agree and ready a plan to sneak in to the orc settlement and assassinate the orc chief before Sir Lamber and his forces charge in. When the Vanguard approached the orc camp under the cover of night Riva and Aija get a strange sense that a pack of wolf off in the distance was following them. Rhiner also notices as he began to scout ahead that numerous farms have been planted and maintained around the orcs’ camp. Dispite these odd sights Rhiner, Vedicar, and Kagami slipped quietly into the orc camp. Once inside the camp the three made their way to a cave midway up the mountain the camp rings. On the way no guards were seen. As they entered the cave, still no armed orc insight, Kagami, Rhiner, and Vedicar move through a large feast hall and into a smaller chamber deeper into the cave.. As they hide behind a curtain the three infiltrators find the single largest orc they have ever seen meditating in the back of the chamber with young female orc sitting impatiently at a table. The large orc looks over to where the three were hiding and invited them to dinner.

Confused Kagami, Rhiner, and Vedicar sit at the table as the Orc introduces himself as Cheiftan Sarosh Rocklash and the other orc as his daughter Runarvia Rocklash. Sarosh explains to them how he came to a revelation about the blood lust that consumes most of his race and how he leads his tribe to a more pacifistic path. Sarosh offers to talk with Lamber about the two groups of people sharing the space and living together. Kagami Rhiner and Vedicar agree to arrange to meeting the Lamber for the morning.

Lamber agrees to the meeting but is still suspicious of the pacifist orc. Sarosh approaches the group with an offering of food for the settlers. Riva jump out and asks Sarosh for a hug which he accepts. The two sides discuss the future still very wary of each other but after half a hour of awkward discussions about philosophy, security, and land the two groups begin a new life in cooperation. The Winter Court stays to help the two groups settle but Vedicar insists the Vanguard go to the Warlord’s castle to free the slaves.

The Warlord Bursk’s castle boasted strong walls and a large garrison of very disciplined warriors. Cassi grows conserned about assaulting the castle with out support so Kagami, Riva and Ilred devise a plan to sneak in and liberate the slaves. However before they can implement their plan Vedicar flies off to hunt the Warlord and Rhiner sneaks ahead to cause havoc. As the plans all start to fall apart with Rhiner unleashing total darkness on the gate house, Riva manages to make it into one of the slave bunk houses. In the bunk house Riva false to convince the slave to fight with them and the slave turn and attack her. Meanwhile Kagami detonates the explosive Ilred gave her as Rhiner continues to pick off guards with his bow. Ilred charges the gate house once it was blow to rubble as Cassi holds back waiting to help any slaves escape. Above it all Vedicar slips into the keep to find Gasor. Vedicar Finds an elderly man in the observatory that answers to the name Gasor and Vedicar quickly beheads him.

After escaping the bunk house Riva finds her way to a long spiral stair case that leads into a large underground cavern with a river running through it. Riva turns and runs for help as she gets shot by a bolt from the dark cavern floor. Vedicar Flies out of the Keep disguised as Toriel Karganok in an attempt to scare to defenders with the head of their warlord being held by to raging Sea Bear however the defenders seem unfazed. Rhiner spots a group of slaves being lead some guards (Kagami disguised as one of them) into another underground stairway and sneaks in behind them. Vedicar and Ilred both make their way into the main floor of the keep and find a elevator that goes down. Kagami comes up behind them still disguised as a guard and Vedicar attacks her. After a few minutes of apologizing from both Kagami and Vedicar the three enter the elevator heading down.

In the underground cave Rhiner, Vedicar, Ilred, and Kagami see the slaves being lead into a barge on the river by shadowy humanoids. The four begin to attack the slavers. Rhiner and Ilred attack at range as Kagami slipped on to the barge as a slave to try to disorient the slavers as Vedicar leaped onto the barge to fight the slavers head on. The barge begins to move down river to the mouth of the cave and the battle begins to unravel in the darkness. Cassi and Riva come down the stairway Riva had initially found and in a split second reaction Riva launches a fireball at the barge.

From the light of the flaming barge the Vanguard reconvened to discuss what went wrong. Vedicar continued to apologized for going off half cocked and ruining the “plan” and Kagami continued to apologized for what ever transgresion cause Vedicar to strick her. In the end the group desided to destroy the castle with Ilred’s remaining gunpowder in hopes that the subterranean slavers ( who Ilred would later recall are ebony skinned elves known for their sadism call drow). As dawn approached the Vanguard rondaviewed with the Winter Court as they continued on to Karaz-a-Karak.



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