Sin Wars

Lucentum and the Distant Shore

15th Fall of Spring 5013ARF

The Winter Court arrives in the city of Lucentum for a full cycle to rest resupply and catch up with old friends. Riva spent her time dancing in the square trying to earn a little money. Cassi went to the local fortress monastery of the Ordo Templar to meet with her friends in the order and to regale the novices with tales of her travels as many of them are not yet allowed to leave the monastery. Girard, Toriel, and Tallia went to peruse the markets for more textiles for Girard’s store. Rhiner also decided to do some “shopping” of his own.

In the market Tallia finds a doll at the stall of an antigue dealer by the name of Hanno Aurallious. The thing that caught Tallia’s eye was the fact that this doll have one blue eye and one red eye just like her. Hanno explained that the doll was given to him by his brother, Captain Dante Aurallious who owns a ship that sends supples to The Port of No Return. Girard and Toriel chose to buy the doll and talk to Gabriel to see if he has any insight as to why a doll from The Distant Shore would have the same eyes as a farm girl for the northern boarder.
Meanwhile as Riva was dancing she was approached by a hooded drunk who asked to see Girard, claiming to have a message for him. When Girard returned from shopping and meet with the stranger who turned out to be his old friend Vedicar Bladespeaker the Fate Twister. Vedicar explained that after leaving the Citidel his sword, Whisper, told him to seek Girard out. The Vanguard were initially suspicions of this tiefling friend of Girard’s but after confirmation from Cassi the Vedicar had no evil in his heart, and the strange fact that Whisper and Aija seem to have history together, these suspicions were put at ease.

At that time a large commotion could be heard from the market and it seem that a giant red dragon had appeared in the market. However as the local legionaries, templars, and Toriel charged often to fight the dragon it vanished. Later the news would spread that the dragon was an illusion and that the templars were looking for the culprit but had no leads. Once everything began to settle down the Vanguard went to meet with Gabriel at the near by tavern. At the tavern, Rhiner proved to be strangely generous as he buys a round of a brand new wine that just came in from the Falcon Provincia for everyone in the tavern. Meanwhile the rest of the Vanguard showed the doll to Gabriel. Upon hear were the doll came from, Gabriel immediately declared that they should go to the Distant Shore at once to find the answers to their questions.

The Vanguard charted passage across the Straights of Sorrow on board Captain Dante Aurallious’s ship, the Sea Dancer. While crossing the straights the crew remained on high alert for any threat. At dawn on the second day of the voyage, with tensions on the ship so tight it could snap at any moment, there came a cry from the helmsman. A corpse in long ragged robes and glowing blue eyes stood floating at the helm. It did not attack or speak it simple stirred the ship on coarse and occasionally smiled and waved at the rest of the crew. Toriel, without hesitation, charged at the creature but just as Toriel was about to bury his claws into the creature it vanished. As the crew got their heart rates back down to normal levels Toriel turned his rage to Rhiner, who was rolling on the deck laughing. Toriel threw Rhiner into the sea wishing to simply leave him there but Captain Aurallious begrudgingly threw Rhiner a line explaining, to the shock of the rest of the Vanguard, that Rhiner was a Consul of the Falcon Provincia.

Before the Vanguard could come to terms with this new revelation, the ship was attack by a pair of sea drakes. The first of these drakes was killed with little effort but before the second one come be killed it dove into the sea taking Toriel with it. For what felt like an eternity Toriel battled the drake beneath the waves. Toriel fought the mighty drake while also struggling against the crushing depths as their battle went deeper and deeper. On the deck the Vanguard waited for either the drake or Toriel to return, Tallia in particular was worried for Toriel’s saftey. After several long minutes the drake’s lifeless body broke the surface of the water followed by Toriel. As he floated on top of the drake Toriel demanded the body be carved up for meat and that Girard make him a cloak from its hide.

That afternoon the ship pulled into the Port of No Return. The Vanguard pushed through the mist and humidity that hung in the air as they made their way to the local tavern that double as the mayor’s office. There they meet with Mayor Faelyn Yinbalar who gave them a newcomers speech about how everything in the Distant Shore will try to kill them and that as long as they are in the Port of No Return they are expected to help protect it. Faelyn then tells the Vanguard that Glydnart Bakwig Gebbla Froprocass is their leading expert on the lizardmen and the ancient ruins of the continent and that he can be found in one of the rooms above the tavern. The Vanguard meet the hyperactive and nude gnome in his room as he was planning his next expedition to find the lost city of Hexoatl. Grabriel, who is a old friend of Glyd’s, was able to calm him down long enough to remind the gnome of his current lack of pants and to ask if the Vanguard could join the expedition. Glyd happily agreed to have them along and the next morning, with ten other adventurers, the expedition set off.

The slog through the jungle was long are hard. For three days the expedition suffered from the heat, deseases and attacks from the local wildlife. On the forth day after losing four of their company and Girard and Vedicar suffering with a fever, the expedition was ambushed by lizardmen high in the canopy. As Cassi, Vedicar, Riva and Rhiner took aim with arrows and spells, Toriel took to climbing the trees to get at his attacks. However every time Toriel got high enough to reach his target the lizardman was killed by one of the Vanguard down below. during the battle Vedicar took several arrows and Girard rushed from his hiding place with Tallia to aid him. Unfortunately as Girard was healing Vedicar, Girard was shot once in each eye. In his panic Girard hastily called upon Auriel’s power to heal himself before he had the arrows removed. Girard’s wounds were healed bout his eyes were sealed shut with the arrows sealed in place.



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