Sin Wars


8th Fall of Spring 5013ARF

The day after The Vanguard returned from The Moors was uneventful as the Winter Court finished it business in the city of Arcantus. While spending their last evening in the city all of the members of the Vanguard was visited by a well dress half-elven woman named Cania Abercius and four legionaries from the Falcon Legio. Abercius asked for the whereabouts of Rhiner but offered no further details as to why. The next morning the Court starts to move south. Rhiner spent the journey with a rather smug look on his face.

The journey through the Imperial Provincias of Falcon and Roc took 3 days and was uneventful and gave the Vanguard plenty of time helping Tallia harness her natural arcana powers. While training with Toriel to channel her anger Tallia grew long red claws from her finger tips and her right eye glowed bright. Then while Cassi taught her to maintain clarity of her surroundings during combat, Tallia’s left eye glowed bright and the flames of the meditation candles change to a blue hue. Girard became increasingly curious about these strange abilities afforded Tallia by what ever heritage gave her her talent for the arcane. He ask Gabriel for a book on the subject on arcane bloodlines. Ultimately, Girard was unable to pin down Tallia’s ancestry but he was able to learn some about his own.

After their three day trek the Court made it to the small mountain range that boarders the Roc and Pelican Provincias. While trading with the dwarves of Karaka-Drak at the way-station in the mountains Toriel overheard Thane Harnus discussing a goblin threat in the hold with one of his commanders. Toriel offered to help the dwarves with their problem and since the dwarves held a degree of respect for the Swift Claw tribe Harnus accepted Toriel’s offer.

The Vanguard was lead down to the bottom of the hold were they met with Chief Ranger Gremmir. Gremmir explains that the goblin army set up camp in the middle of the Underway about three miles from the entrance to the hold. The dwarves seemed more than able to hold off the goblin horde but without their connection to the rest of Karak Ankor, Karaka-Drak will slowly fall into ruin. Gremmir explained that a goblin shaman was responsible for the unification of numerous goblin tribes and organized assault that the dwarves now faced. Thane Harnus promised to pay the Vanguard well for killing the shaman and breaking the goblins’ moral.

Gremmir lead the Vanguard out a sally port around the goblins’ battle line as the goblins brought siege engines to bare on the walls. Gremmir showed the Vanguard a small opening in the side wall on the cavern that he explained would lead the Vanguard to the goblins’ camp. The Vanguard moved down the tunnel for about an hour before coming across a ten foot fissure in the middle of the tunnel. Between Toriel’s strength and Girard’s telekinetic spells they were able to get a rope across the fissure. All of the members managed the cross the fissure safely, save for Girard who slipped and fell. All thought that he was dead until strange black tentacles protruding from his back carried an unconscious Girard up the fissure and then dissipated when Girard was safe.

Eventual the Vanguard made it to the goblin camp a massive city of makeshift tents. While the others took up hidden positions as close to the central tent as they could, Rhiner used his newly acquired magical hat to change his appearance into a goblin. Rhiner was able to get close to a gathering horde of goblins in time to see the shaman and his ogre bodyguard give a inspirational speech to the amassing goblins complete with the handing out of strange mushrooms. Once the horde left to fight the dwarves the Vanguard sprung their ambush. Toriel rushed for the shaman while the others shoot at the ogre. Once the ogre fell the shaman fled back into the tent were Tallia was waiting for it. With its back against the wall the goblin shaman turned invisible in an attempt to escape. Cassi began to wave her spear around in hopes to strike the invisible shaman, unfortunatily she struck Tallia in the back of the head instead. Rhiner managed to follow the footprints an strike the shaman with a bolt killing it.

After a short breath to mend their wound the Vanguard triumphantly returned to the hold with the shaman’s head on Cassi’s spear. The goblin horde stood in disbelief that their leader was dead making them easy targets for the dwarven defenders. True to his word Thane Hanus gave the Vanguard a chest of gold for their service. The Vanguard return to the Winter Court in time for the Court to continue their journey to Straights of Sorrow.



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