Sin Wars

Arcantus part 2

3rd Fall of Spring 5013ARF

After leaving Tullus Patricius in the hands of the Centurian Octavius Ulixes, the guard captain for the city, The Vanguard head to the home of Consul Markus Patricius. On the way Rhiner slipped away from the rest of the group to look through some of the other noble houses for “clues”.

At the home of a very disgruntled Consul Patricius, the Vangaurd questioned the whole family about the eldest son’s cult activities. They learned that none of the of Patricii knew anything about the cult but that Tullus was spending a great deal of time at the home of the Veturius family. thinking that the Patricius were hiding something Girard whispered abyssal into the 10 year old second son ear. This caused a large commotion as the boy cried out in panic screaming “demon”. After a short altercation with the family’s personal guard and a broken window The Vanguard was forcefully escorted from the home.

While most of the Vanguard went to the home of the Veturius for further questioning Rhiner found a secret tunnel in one of the homes he was “investigating”. This secret tunnel lead to a whole network that seemed to be a mix of underground aqueduct and siege tunnel. As Rhiner explored the tunnels he came upon a large chamber lined with iron maidens and a strange alter in the center. At the same time the rest of the Vanguard meet with the matriarch of the Veturius family. Lady Veturius seem quite amused by the group and allowed them free access to her home. Toriel became very suspicious of the matriarch and stayed with her and Tallia while the others explored the house. Lady Veturius open a trap door and Tallia fell in. Toriel grabbed Veturius and jumped down the hole after Tallia.

At the bottom of the chute Toriel and Tallia were grappled by animated chains hanging from the ceiling of the same large chamber Rhiner found. As the chains slowly pull them towards the iron maidens Lady Veturius and a hand full of cloaked figures watched mockingly. Rhiner begins to take shoots at the cultists as Toriel struggles to break free of the chains. The rest of the Vanguard finding nothing in the upstair rooms of the house went back the the parlor to find Lady Veturius, Toriel, and Tallia gone. They eventually find the chute that lead down to the underground chamber and join in the fight.

When the fight with the cultist ended the Vanguard discovered that one of the robe figures was the mayor, Consul Manius Tibur. On the alter they found a book explaining the creation of the plague. They brought the book to Brother Bellator, who immediately sent word the Sir Sentia Segestes to reopen the city. The party explained what had happened to the templar and Praotor Decimus Tibur.

It took the local legion and templar forces a few days to restore order in the city. Consul Markus Patricius was named the new mayor of the city, Elred of the Soaring Talons was made a Consul and instructed to act as a bring between the poor and the wealth in the city and true to his word Praotor Tibur had The Vanguard stand on a large scale and gave them their weight in gold.



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