Sin Wars

Arcantus part 1

2nd Fall of Spring 5013ARF

The Winter Court followed The Tellesion Highway south to the city of Arcantus. When they arrived they found the town surrounded by an army from the Ordo Templar. When The Vanguard went down to investigate they met with Praotor Decimus Tibur andSir Sentia Segestes. The two of them explain that the city was experiencing a plague and has been sealed off by order of the Templars given the possible demon influence. Sir Segestes was waiting for the order to come from her superiors to put the city to the torch. Praotor Tibur however was still advocating for the 30 thousand people in the city and offered the Vanguard their weight in gold to go into the city and help Brother Bellator of the Ordo Hospitaller find a cure for the plague before Sir Segestes had to carry out her orders.

Upon entering the city The Vanguard found Brother Bellator in the Great Arena which was set up as a field hospital. Bellator explained that he still knew little about the how the plague started or how to find a cure. The Vanguard went to the slums of the city were toe first outbreak to place but as they got close they found an ongoing fight between the local cohort of the Falcon Legion and the poor of the city. In their attempt to sneak past the fight Rhiner and Girard slipped in to a back alley and tried to climb the buildings that lead into the slums. Girard was spotted as he was climbing and in an attempt to scare the rioters away used magic to distort the face of one of them. This caused to rioters to cry demon and all of the combatants rushed into the alley to kill Girard. Luckly Cassi was able to calm the crowd and the two sides regrouped with their own sides and ready for the next engagement.

Once inside the slums the Vanguard meet the rioters leader a escaped gladiator named Elred of the Soaring Talons. The Soaring Talon tribe was a neighboring tribe of Toriel’s Swiftclaw tribe. The two reminisced about their days in The World Pillars and then Elred showed the Vanguard were the first plague victims were found. Inside the boardinghouse were the plague started the Vanguard found the common room coated in blood and gore. the sight was so horrible that some of the members became nauseous. Upstairs in one of the rooms they found an arcana circle with the remains of a human sacrifice. Riva was able to identify some of the symbols on the circle as the rune for Duriel the Lord of Pain. Back down stairs the Vanguard was ambushed by a group of cultist. After the common room received a new coat of blood the Vanguard drag a prisoner up to the castle and presents him to Consul Manius Tibur. The prisoner turns out to be a noble named Tullus Patricius. The court is shocked to learn one of their own was a member of a demon cult. Tullus’s father in-particular was outraged and was quick to disown his son. Consul Tibur was the only one who was indifferent towards the whole affair. Tullus was then sent to the dungeon and the Vanguard was sent to find more leads.



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