Sin Wars

Arcantus Aftermath

7th Fall of Spring 5013ARF

It has been three days since the Vanguard uncovered the the cult and found the cure for the Plague of Boiling Blood. The Vangaurd spent this time recuperation, spending their reward money, and meditating on their past adventures.Though the city has returned to normal day to day activities tensions are still high as the Templar 3rd Sword Company goes on a witch hunt to find the remaining cultist of the Cult of Duriel.

As the Vanguard spent they evening relaxing, Sir Sentia Segestes met with Rhiner,Riva, and Toriel in the tavern. Segestes explains that a few of the cultist have escaped the Templars’ grasp and fled into The Moors. Riva flipped a coin to see if the Vanguard would help. As the coin came up heads the Vanguard set out to hunt down the fleeing cultist in the middle of the night. In their exitment, Riva, Rhiner, and Toriel swept up Girard then rushed for the city gate. once at the gate Tallia pointed out that they forgot to get Cassi from the temple. So the Vanguard rushed over to the temple and shouted loudly for Cassi thus disturbing the tranquility of the temple. Shortly after the yelling start an agitated Cassi and consider weather or not beating her friends in the head with her spear would make her feel better.

The Vanguard traveled through the night and as dawn broke they reached the edge of The Moors. The massive fog covered bog proved challenging but not impossible for Toriel to navigate. However with no real trail to follow the Vanguard wandered blindly through the swamp for hours. Eventually the Vanguard came to a large obsidian structure. The entry room of the building was lined with horizontal alcoves each housing the skeletal remains of humanoids. This form of storing the dead is unheard of anywhere on Tellus since the burial practices of the civilized cultures all involve sending the dead on barges down the River Styx. In the center of the room stands a obsidian statue of a strange angelic figure. The noticeable oddity of this statue is that the angel has a face, all known angels all have a shadowy void beneath their hoods.

The unsettling scene continued as the Vanguard followed the spiraling corridors and stairs down floor after floor for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually the Vanguard found a chamber similar to the one found in the tunnels under Arcantus. This chamber was manned by demons and blood poured from the iron maidens into channels in the floor and then into larges pits. Rapidly the Vanguard descended upon the demons and sent them back to the Burning Hells.

At the end of the chamber was a smaller chamber furnished as a chapel. Charred skeletons sat in the pews still in prayer facing the alter and the large brass mirror that sat on it. As the Vanguard drew close a smoky shadowy figure appeared in the mirror. The figure introduced itself as Khiaza. The demon cogratulated the Vanguard for their victories against her and her masters. The demon seemed to take great amusement by the Vanguard and was eager to talk directly with them and bestow any boon she could upon them. Tallia in particlular peaked Khiaza’s interest. Most of the Vanguard was going to have none of that, but Girard wanted to talk more with Khiaza. Toriel grabbed Girard by the collar and quickly dragged him out. As they left the morbid structure the eyes of every statues of angels followed them as they past.

As dawn broke the Vanguard made it back the Arcantus and informed Sir Segestes the the cultist are no more and of their encounter with the demon. Sir Segestes thanked them for their service and her condolences for become the interest of a demon. thinking that he deserved more for the work he did Rhiner forged documents to become a Consul by command of Praotor Decimus Tibur. Those documents have been sent to the Mayor-Consul Markus Patricius for review.



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